Commercial Refrigeration

Fogal Refrigeration’s calling card is represented by more than thirty years experience in designing and manufacturing refrigerated display cabinets.
Three basic guidelines have strengthened our position and our success in the international market:

Personalisation, quality, research.

Thanks to a wide range of models and a wide range of options we can meet most of our customers’ needs and we can help our customers to realize their projects with personalized refrigerated display cabinets of the best quality.

Our slogan reflects perfectly our working philosophy: “Cool Ideas to Keep it Fresh”

Reliability and safety are two of Fogal Refrigeration’s mission main points.
Our cabinets are tested and approved according to the CB scheme and are also approved by the IMQ institute in Milan.

A constant research activity of our internal laboratory on the development/use of new materials and on the energy saving area and the cooperation with some external laboratories and universities of our region allow us to manufacture reliable and long life cabinets.
Nowadays the energy saving problem is one of the most important issues in the commercial refrigeration market.
The usage of the SCROLL compressor gave us some very interesting results such as a wider internal capacity of the cabinets (+20%), a lower noise level and a lower energy consumption (-15%).

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