Display refrigerated cabinets with Scroll compressor

Our display refrigerated VB cabinets (low front cabinets) are an exclusive product for those customers who want to differ from the others and want to be sure to buy a long life refrigerated display cabinet.
A proper preservation of fruits and vegetables, drinks and dairy products together with a compact space-saving design is guaranteed by the usage of the Hitachi Scroll compressors.

The most important features are:

Reliability and high quality performances
Improved efficiency at low temperatures, longer life and better performances.
If compared to the conventional piston compressor – where the frequency of the stops and starts can shorten its life – the scroll compressor is much more suitable to the requirements of the commercial refrigeration sector.

Compact design
Thanks to its reduced height and the space-saving volume, the horizontal scroll compressor is a real example of advanced technology.

Reduced vibrations and noise
If compared to the conventional piston compressor, the Scroll compressor produces lower noise levels (frequency between 200-500 Hz).
The vibrations produced by a Scroll compressor are ten times less than the conventional piston compressor so every possible noise or vibration produced during the start up phase or during the working phase are strongly reduced.

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