Refrigerated display cabinets with a wide range of dimensions and claddings

Thanks to years of experience also in the furnishings business, Fogal Refrigeration became a very important support partner for designers in need to include the refrigerated display cabinets in personalized shops.

Thanks to the capacity to deal with many different requirements (even for only one item) of different features and thanks to the chance to use different claddings to personalize the cabinets (such as laminate claddings, RAL colour finish, stainless steel finish, personalized branding) Fogal Refrigeration can manufacture high class products which are hardly available from mass-production bigger companies.

The union between quality and aesthetics is the perfect solution for food stores where the need to display the goods in a proper way and the need to keep unaltered the properties of foodstuffs, require the right answer to every specific demand.

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